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Our business consulting services ensure you are successful from the launch of your business and as you move forward. We know there are many aspects of running a successful operation, and that’s why we cover all the bases - our specialized services are designed to help your business grow:

  • Business Entity Selection

  • Budget Creation and Consulting

  • Finance/Credit Line Preparation

  • Quarterly and Annual Compliance Reporting

  • Forecast Modeling and Cash Flow Analysis

  • Internal Control Analysis

  • Design and Implementation of Client Managed Accounting Systems

  • Accounting Staff Training

  • Business Valuations

  • Insurance Review and Recommendations

  • Start-up Assistance

  • Internal Controls and Benchmarking

  • Succession and Exit Strategy Planning

  • Expense Evaluations

  • Buying and Selling a Business


If you are just starting a new business, our firm can guide you through the process of entity selection, provide valuable tax planning advice, and help you optimize your accounting structure.


Ayala, Vado & Associates will work in partnership with you throughout the year to ensure that your new and/or current business is in compliance with the latest tax codes, that your tax payments remain on track, and that your tax burden is reduced whenever possible. We will also ensure that your personal finances are on track by taking full advantage of any potential tax savings related to your unique situation.


We ensure that your business is operating at peak performance. To accomplish this, we offer timely and accurate reporting with critical analysis, so you always know where you stand financially. Our financial statement compilation services provide you with comprehensive and detailed financial statements on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. We work in partnership with you to make sure you understand your data so you can continue to make smart business decisions and stay on a healthy financial course.


Quarterly/ Monthly Financial Management Meetings:


  • Discussion of Period Results

  • Drill Down into Operations Performance

  • Financial Guidance


Monthly/Quarterly Financial Analysis:


  • Tracking of Key Financial Ratios

  • Identification and Analysis of Trends

  • Business Insights


Ayala, Vado & Associates can help maximize your retirement options and maintain a level of financial independence and stability. No matter what your age is, we will assist you in putting together an appropriate retirement plan for your current circumstances.


There are many tax-favored retirement programs available for the self-employed, including:


  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

  • Simplified Employee Pension Plans (SEPs)

  • Savings Incentive Match Plans for Employees (SIMPLEs)

  • Profit-Sharing Plans, with or without cash or deferred arrangements

  • Defined Benefit Plans

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