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The growth and development of our professional stand has evolved. We have attracted high-quality, committed professionals and invested in their training, development and growth. As a result of those efforts, we have experienced good growth over the past several years.


This has been in no small way also directly related to the success our clients have had in their business and personal pursuits.

We are pleased to announce the appointment and ascension of Mariela Vado, E.A, as Managing Partner and Vice President of Ayala, Vado & Associates effective as of January 2017. Mariela who has been a member of our firm for the past 14 years streamlining and leading our firm’s IRS TaxPayer Representation Department and is currently in pursuit of her Master’s Degree in Accounting from George Washington University. She is a graduate of Georgetown University in Forensic Accounting.

In addition, Ayala, Vado & Associates are pleased to announce Mr. Kevin Ellis, CPA as the newest member of our firm. Mr. Ellis brings with him a plethora of experience in handling corporate tax returns with meticulous precision and aptitude. Kevin Ellis is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) a CMA (Certified Managerial Accountant) as well as an MBA in Finance from Loyola University and a B.S in Accounting/Finance from West Virginia University.

We will be able to provide you many new services and areas of expertise in the future. We look forward to discussing those in more depth with you. However, there are several things we want to point out that will not change:

• You will continue to work with the same people in our firm you have in the past. All of our people are being retained in their current roles.
• Our fee structure will not change.
• The services we have provided you in the past will continue to be offered

If you have any questions about this exciting news and what it will mean for you, please contact any of us at any time. We look forward to introducing you to our new partner and associate.


We are grateful to you not only for giving us the opportunity to provide you with accounting services, but for your loyalty and friendship, which have enriched our relationship. We are confident that our new affiliation will serve us all well.


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Explore the world of opportunities at Ayala, Vado & Associates--where every person, from staff accountant to partner, is an integral and appreciated part of our team.

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