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An Important Corporate Communications Update from Ayala, Vado & Associate CEO Regarding COVID-19

As coronavirus (COVID-19) cases continue to be reported throughout the U.S., we want you to know Ayala, Vado & Associates continues to carefully monitor the rapidly changing situation. Our top priority is the safety and welfare of our team members and our clients’ personnel, followed closely by ensuring as little disruption as possible in our efforts to meet the needs of our clients. I would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us. It is during challenging times like these I am confident we will continue to earn it by being there to support you and your business(s)

What We’re Doing

Safety: We will continue following the recommendations of the CDC and state health officials to limit the spread of the virus. In matters of judgment, we are erring on the side of caution.

Meeting Client Needs: We are communicating directly with our clients to coordinate how we can best serve them while protecting the safety of all Ayala, Vado & Associates team members and client personnel. Given the dynamic environment, we are proactively working with our clients to reassess situations as they evolve and to maintain up-to-date plans for meeting deadlines and expectations. Please contact your Ayala, Vado & Associates engagement leader at any time with questions or concerns.

Preparation: As a principally mobile workforce, we are well-prepared to work remotely. Effective today we are encouraging our people to work remotely when possible throughout Mayor Muriel Bowser's mandated stay-at-home restrictions have been lifted. We have the technology in place to continue serving clients and to maintain firm operations, even if access to physical office locations becomes restricted. Please be advised that delivery and/or retrieval (scheduling of pick-up) of payroll checks, services, procedures and protocols are subject to change. Nevertheless, we will keep you informed of any subsequent and/or impending changes to your normally prescribed payroll services.

Government & Industry Changes: We are closely monitoring federal, state and local regulators and authorities to stay abreast of changing deadlines and statutes that affect our clients. In addition, our firm has instructed our team and staff members to primarily focus our attention, services, and manpower towards the assistance and/or facilitation of federal SBA COVID-19 loans and/or grants. In particularly, the EIDL (Emergency Injury Disaster Loans), $10K EIDL Advance, PPP, small business tax provisions including but not limited to employer retention credits, tax penalty/interest deferment payments and Unemployment reporting, credits, benefits, etc. Therefore, we will be unable to assist, facilitate and/or process any county government or non-disaster SBA related COVID-19 grant and/or loan funding opportunities.

We cannot overstate that our primary goal is protecting the safety and welfare of our team members and client personnel while continuing to meet client needs. We will communicate pertinent information and changes with you as the situation continues to evolve. Please use our email address to notify us any personal and/or business changes and/or tax, grant/loan supporting documentations and monthly bank reconciliation documents.

Our team members will continue to work directly with our clients so we can meet their needs while attempting to limit the spread of the virus. As such, we are kindly asking for our clients to send requested information electronically as much as possible. These are unique times, and we are optimistic that as we all pull together through these challenges, we will thrive as we move forward.

As always, we are grateful for your trust and confidence. Our best wishes to you, your teams and your loved ones, especially in the days ahead.


Nelson Ayala

Chief Executive Officer

Ayala, Vado & Associates

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